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Heidi Peterson I Founder and Managing Director

For more than 20 years, my passion has been connecting corporations, foundations and individuals with the programs and activities around the world that help them fulfill their vision for a better future.  I do this through involving high net-worth prospects in the issues that most inspire them, meet their personal and business bottom lines, and align with their social values.  With broad experience in several multi-national, non-governmental organizations, I work with organizational leadership, their donors, volunteers and prospects to amplify engagement, and drive more money to the mission.

Earlier, my career experience has been with organizations that seek to end global poverty, poor education, and a lack of basic public health for half of the world's population living on under $2 per day.  Specialties: Public health, social entrepreneurship, literacy and education, small economic activities development (micro-enterprise / village banking), nonprofit management, corporate social responsibility (CSR), extractive industries in India, coffee and apparel industries in southern Africa, Central America and South East Asia, bi-lateral and multilateral funding, Spanish speaking environments, Latin America and the Caribbean, family Legacy Planning and Estate Planning and taxation related to end-of-life gifts through vehicles such as insurance, wills, trusts and estates.

Fund Momentum Mission

Fund Momentum has a vision to bring a comprehensive source of management education, training, and consulting that helps nonprofit organizations achieve their goals.


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