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Bringing vision to fundraising for your non profit organizations. With nearly 22 years experience, we bring both proven strategies and innovative techniques to every project.

"A person to person conversation filled with information and enthusiasm is the best form of fundraising".

-Center on Philanthropy

Our Goal: increase the effectiveness of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors

What we offer:

Month to Month Consulting

Our best and most popular monthly service where you tell me what you need and I create a strategy for blind spots. Advancing your mission in a dynamic and changing environment takes exceptional core competencies and a shared commitment to meeting the needs of your non profit organizations. No matter how vital a mission may be, it takes ever-increasing resources to effectively accomplish your goals. Our broad range of fund development services help organizations not only maximize their financial results, but also hone their fundraising skills and programs for both short and long term effectiveness


Grant Writing

As a professional nonprofit consultant, we provide you with numerous services to help you market your organization, stay in touch with volunteers and supporters, and compete for grant money from both private foundations and government entities.

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Finance and Operations

Built on industry knowledge,  and expertise in nonprofit accounting and nonprofit tax. We can provide informed advice on not for profit business and compliance issues, your organization’s leadership can better evaluate practical options and make more informed decisions.

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Program Design

Fund Momentum's approach to strategic planning involves a collaborative process of internal and external review and strategic thinking to generate a realistic and practical guide for board and staff in achieving visionary and operational goals.

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Board Development

We place a high priority helping you maximize the talents, strengths and efforts of your organization’s most valuable resource – the people who govern, lead, and support programs to produce effective, meaningful, and measurable impact: the board and staff.

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Leadership Development

Looking to discover your team's leadership style? Strengthen the internal works of your organization’s staff and board. Helping you see the blind spots to increase the effectiveness and efficiency throughout your organization.

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Research and Evaluation

Fund Momentum focuses and understands from your perspective before we design solutions to help you accomplish a specific project or goal.

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